Dear Readers,

 “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” These words from business icon Warren Buffett, the longest serving CEO on the Fortune 500, should be displayed on the walls of every company seeking growth and prosperity. Today, where younger consumers, in particular, often base their purchasing and investing decisions not only on what a company produces or the services it provides, but by who they are, and the values they embrace – a culture of integrity is vital.

Welcome to the 2020 Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) Asia Pacific edition of Ethisphere Magazine. I am honored to represent W.E. Connor & Associates Ltd. and serve as the Guest Editor of this publication, presenting articles about best practices in ethics and corporate governance from compliance leaders across the Asia Pacific region.

This publication is part of a broader partnership between William E. Connor & Associates Ltd., Omega Compliance Ltd., and Ethisphere – the goal of which is to convene a community of leaders across the Asia Pacific region committed to furthering a strong culture of ethics and who will share and benchmark with each other to ensure the highest levels of integrity across their operations.  Together, this community will help define and codify leading practices in ethics and compliance across the Asia Pacific region. Why? Because, as Buffet notes, ethics, integrity and reputation matter.

We are beginning this journey with the launch of the first of its kind, BELA Asia Pacific magazine. In the following pages, you will see the work of true business leaders with a vested interest in elevating the global conversation – particularly across Asia. Business leaders from companies such as 3M, OnSemi, Boeing, CBRE, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore, Western Digital Corporation and more, share executive insight and explore high-level topics such as how to navigate the intricate web of supply chain risk; strategies for implementing a strong ethical culture; cracking down on bribery and corruption through data analytics; and promoting environmental sustainability. The articles and in-depth research address a common theme: The need for company leaders to build and sustain an environment that nurtures a strong ethical culture.

At Connor, we partner with our clients in managing their supply chains. We act as their alter ego, providing them with a wholly transparent global footprint. To that end, we maintain a rigorous program of ongoing audits to ensure that all suppliers are effectively benchmarked against stringent social, labor, human rights and environmental standards. All suppliers must abide by our Code of Conduct, the strictest in the industry. It is more than talk. We lead by example. We will not risk the reputation of ourselves or our clients.

Mitigating supply chain risk is easier said than done. It requires relentless, on-the-ground vigilance. It requires that companies do more than publish compliance standards and react to issues that might arise. Rather, companies, together with their supply chain partners, must be proactive in regularly reinforcing standards; must encourage and regularly reaffirm transparency and disclosure; and must act decisively when issues do arise.

The companies featured in this publication provide insight into the challenges that matter to today’s business leaders. We show how a diversified group of respected company leaders work together to help navigate the challenges of assuring a world of transparency, sustainability, and ethics.

As Warren Buffet stated, a reputation takes only 5 minutes to lose. So, together, let’s lead the way. Let’s set the gold standard for ethics and principle. Let’s share our best practices and learn from each other. This is what BELA and this special edition of Ethisphere magazine is about. I hope you enjoy the content and, importantly, find that it helps you move the needle toward a world of higher integrity, sustainability, and prosperity.


William ‘Chip’ Connor

Chairman and CEO

William E. Connor & Associates