Connor is a pure service provider. We are totally focused on managing and controlling the global sourcing needs of our clients; acting as their alter ego in all of the world’s markets. We oversee the production of merchandise, even in the most remote locations, to ensure that it arrives, as ordered and on time.


Our business model is one of complete
transparency. Every cost component in the
supply chain is known and there are no hidden
charges. As a sourcing partner we eliminate
traders, brokers and other unnecessary

intermediaries, thereby linking our clients
directly with vendors around the globe.
As all of our clients have unique sourcing needs,
we tailor our sourcing services to their individual
requirements and operating practices.


Accurate, timely and comprehensive information linking all the participants in a client’s supply chain is essential in delivering results and contributing to success. Connor’s proprietary IT system that seamlessly links our clients, the vendors we work with and Connor offices and associates across the globe.


Provides a 24/7 view of their business handled by Connor including order tracking, inspections results, shipment status and vendor performance.


An interactive digital library of clients requirements. Accessible to vendors, this communication channel confirm receipt orders, scheduling, and updates


Information for our clients. Links to proprietary client and 3rd party systems, including 3D design, logistics and compliance.


  • Comprehensive and immediate information
    on markets and suppliers worldwide

  • Identifying and qualifying suppliers globally

  • Comprehensive material and product development technical assistance

  • Comprehensive fabric development technical assistance

  • Coordinating sample approvals, laboratory testing and raw materials supply

  • Supervising shipping and other logistics services

  • Providing a user friendly, Web based order tracking system

  • Undertaking rigorous quality assurance inspections and social compliance audits at all vendor production locations

“We maintain complete supply chain transparency.
Our clients are the most demanding in the world.
We work hard to uphold their integrity and reputation.”