Attention to detail…  There are two ways to gauge product quality: scientifically, as in parts per million and standard deviation from the mean. Second, esthetic: how a fabric feels to the touch or the way sunlight turns wood grain to a golden hue.  Both measures are vital.  The successful achievement of either stems from passionate attention to detail.

No technology can replace the hands-on management of the myriad details in factories around the world.  Our teams of rigorously trained quality-assurance inspectors, know the look and feel of quality.  This permanent field presence manages a universe of detail and complexity, monitoring everything from ticketing to testing.  Our product technicians with technical expertise in all areas, help our clients build quality into their merchandise. 

Connor either works to its clients’ quality guidelines or when not specified, to our own standards derived from years of experience across multiple product categories.  Our quality-control procedures include vigorous on-site inspection of raw materials, examination of in-line production, and a pre-shipment final inspection.

We serve as eyes and ears for our clients worldwide.  At the heart of our network is our global field presence.  Our field support, of product technicians and quality assurance inspectors, over a third of our workforce, ensures that our clients’ merchandise is made to the highest quality standards, in an ethical work environment, and shipped on time. 

There is no substitute for a strong physical presence in the factories.  Every year we examine millions of articles of merchandise during the course of tens of thousands of scheduled inspections.  Additionally, unannounced “spot checks” help assure adherence to the strictest compliance program.  This constant factory presence also ensures real time production tracking.  We never employ subagents for quality assurance or factory inspection.  Annually, we carry out nearly half a million inspection events.