What products does Connor sell?  In which merchandise categories is Connor active?

Connor does itself, not manufacture or sell any products.  We are a pure service company providing value-added, global-sourcing services for a broad range of merchandise classifications.  Connor’s services embrace all elements of global supply-chain management, ranging from product development and price negotiation to logistics management, quality assurance and social accountability.

Apparel constitutes half of Connor’s business.  The other half is comprised of home textiles, fabric, fashion accessories, footwear, decorative accessories, housewares, fully assembled furniture, lighting, stationery and office products. 

Who are Connor’s clients? 

Connor’s clients are some of the most demanding in the world and include high quality, high profile specialty and department stores, catalog and e-commerce retailers, brands and importers. 

Where does Connor operate?

Connor’s worldwide network includes 35 offices and quality-assurance stations across Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

Does Connor Operate on a transactional basis?

We do not operate as a trading company or manufacturer.  Rather, we serve only our client.  Connor maintains long-term strategic partnerships with clients with whom we enter into long-term contractual agreements.  We do not handle one-off orders. We represent only the interests of and only receive compensation from our clients. 

Why would a company not set up its own network of offices?

There are 4 main reasons:

1) Competence 

Connor’s core competency is global sourcing.  For 69 years (in the year of 2018) all our resources have been singularly devoted to this end.  Connor clients, as retailers, brands, importers, and direct mail companies, concentrate on their core competencies and rely on Connor's sourcing expertise to service their needs.    Connor provides this expertise, transparently, efficiently, and cost effectively.

2) The Network

The global landscape has changed drastically with production venues being established in new and far-flung locations with components and subassemblies frequently originating in other, unrelated, distant locations.  The traditional “Office in Hong Kong” cannot begin to cover the globe.  Connor’s integrated network of offices around the world provides the critical framework for directly accessing distant production locations, bypassing middlemen, and efficiently moving product from those locations to the selling floor or distribution center.

3) Motivation

Connor’s clients demand results.  If they don’t get them, they go elsewhere.  What better way to sharpen the mind than to know that we had better deliver or else?  Company-owned sourcing bureaucracies; heavily staffed and located thousands of miles away are cumbersome, costly and permanent.  They are fiefdoms to be protected.

4) Leverage   

Connor leverages global reach and clout to achieve the lowest in pricing.   Connor's group of demanding clients exposes Connor to the world's best practices and efficiencies.

What are Connor’s terms of business?

As compensation for our services, we charge our clients a commission based on the FOB value of the merchandise shipped, with mutually agreed commission minimums.  There are no other charges.

How may we get started with Connor?

We invite you to contact us in writing, enclosing an introduction to your company’s sourcing requirements, along with details of specific merchandise categories.  We will respond to all enquiries and look forward to exploring areas of mutual cooperation with prospective clients.

What career opportunities are there?

Connor is a rapidly growing organization with job opportunities in a variety of fields including merchandising, quality assurance, logistics, transportation and administration.  For more information, please refer to the Career Opportunities section on our website: www.weconnor.com.