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Connor's innovative TrakWizard platform and Supplier Connect interface permits Connor staff, Clients and Clients’ suppliers to access order information in a secure manner, including order tracking, inspection results and shipment status – anytime, anywhere. 

TrakWizard (https://ordertracking.weconnor.com) provides full details of Client Factory Social Compliance Audits and Technical Evaluations, order information, order inspection activities and shipments.  Comprehensive management reports are available online or through subscriptions.     

The Supplier Connect Portal (https://supplierconnect.weconnor.com) is Connor’s proprietary information sharing platform with its clients’ suppliers.  Thousands of suppliers access Supplier Connect daily, for order information, inspection scheduling and results and order shipment reporting. 

Connor’s QA Connect Module automates the entire order inspection process – making it mobile, real time and paperless.  Quality Assurance Inspectors are now able to check and download his/her inspection schedules, together with the associated electronic inspection file, and to capture inspection results, including photographs, using wirelessly connected tablet computers.

We believe the provision of accurate, comprehensive and timely information is a powerful driver supporting our clients’ competitive success.  We are constantly updating our information systems to accommodate our Clients’ evolving requirements. Our global network of offices is seamlessly linked and coordinated through our IT infrastructure. 

What Is New?

Central Logistics Service (CLS)

The new Central Logistics Service Module streamlines and enhances the logistics process.  It provides an online platform for the Connor logistics team and vendors to work collaboratively.  Eliminating emails, faxes and paper couriers, it automates the process while ensuring that required documents are uploaded and verified.

With this new process, we can transfer vendor shipping documents to clients through secured FTP or email, eliminating courier costs, potential delays and the risk of lost documents.

PLM / Electronic Style File

Connor's Product Lifecycle Management Module has been launched with a number of clients and is being steadily rolled out.  Ultimately it will be completely integrated with our existing TrakWizard system.